I know, it is vulgar to talk about money and when it boils down to it, money is really irrelevant when taking on a challenge of a lifetime. Well, maybe!

So let’s talk in overview terms because anyone considering joining in the future should have a feel for what they are letting themselves in for.

Where does the money go?

  • The Clipper Training
  • A Charge per Leg
  • Insurance
  • Travel to/from training and the race
  • Equipment and clothes
  • In-port living expenses between legs and whilst training

For absolute figures, the Clipper website details the specific cost of training and each leg. For interest, I suspect Equipment and Clothes will workout around the same cost of a leg and Travel, Insurance & Living Expenses the same again.

You might be interested in looking at the “Route Builder” on the Clipper website which will give you some idea of cost

Clipper Route Builder Link

Don’t forget, as 50% of crew live abroad there are only 2 places training is carried out, the UK and Australia, and the latter only hosts levels 1 & 2 with levels 3 & 4 only being done in the UK – there is a significant travel cost here.

So you had better have a very supportive partner or parents!