Why am I putting myself through this? It’s quite simple really – so I can twist your arm to help me raise money for my chosen Charity – Rwanda Aid

Simply Click on the button and help a Rwandan child have a decent life because today they most certainly do not.JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

The charity is promoting the notion of self-sufficiency by assisting the terribly impoverished communities to form cooperatives to make resalable items thus providing much-needed income.   Current successes involve the transfer of skills to:-

  • Make shoes out of old tyres
  • Produce fruit juices
  • Create Christmas cards
  • Raise farm animals
  • Train Teachers

A new project is being planned to build an artisan’s centre with workshops, training room and a shop to help people to come together and promote the underlying concept of self-sufficiency – please do try to help by donating – the impact of your generosity will be enormous and WILL save lives.

Want to know more about Rwanda Aid?    Go have a look at their website and see the amazing work they are doing.