Working out what kit to take is a real chore!   There is so much information out there on the web I have to confess to becoming totally confused in the early days.  I know it is second nature to ‘want to get on with it’ as soon as you sign up but I thoroughly recommend that anyone starting out on their journey takes a step back and waits until they have first-hand experience before spending any money.

Not only might you feel ‘this is not for me’ after one of your training weeks but you will soon realise that there are many competing factors:-

  • What size do I really need – don’t be fooled, this isn’t straightforward!
  • Can I buy it second-hand from a previous crew member?
  • What do I actually need for the legs I am doing – Hot/Cold?
  • What do ‘layers’ mean and what works with what?  Now, there’s a challenge!
  • How much can I take – and will I have enough space to store it once on board?

For information here is my kit list as of 2 weeks before I leave for Fremantle to join!  I will update it with comments when I return!

Robin’s Kit List

Each boat will have different rules for how much you can take – our skipper has put a 20kg limit on this.  However, this excludes: Foulies, Sailing Boots, Dry Suit & Sleeping bag which helps!

In my experience in addition to the internet the most useful source of information for what to take has to be other people with relevant experience.  I found the various suppliers and marine stores confusing and not objective.

Once you have identified things to take do take the time to search around for the most cost-effective places to buy them from.  Prices vary hugely!  The normal caveats apply when buying on the internet – especially when buying from abroad, delivery takes a long time and the quality is not always what you think it will be.