It is now 6 months since I returned from my adventure and I thought you might like one last update.

I am very pleased to be able to tell you that I have beaten my fund raising target! With your help, some £2,400 is already helping the terribly underprivileged poor in Rwanda. I understand one of the projects under consideration is the provision of a crafts centre for the local artisans to learn new skills, display their products and even sell them.

Thank you!

It has taken a very long time to settle back into normal life and things are only now doing so. The adrenalin has been flowing all this time but the key to settling down has been to decide on what my next challenges are to be – hopefully climbing Kilimanjaro next May/June and starting the research to see if I can rebuild an old Mini Moke are top of the list!

And, as some of you might know, I do rather enjoy cooking and have decided to try to raise some more money for Rwanda Aid – but I will not be asking for straight donations – this time I plan to make it an enjoyable experience for you!

I am starting a new venture called “Eat for Charity”. This is for friends and family whereby you can invite a party of 6 – 8 people to come to our house for one of my cooking experiences. It will cost you less than going out to a restaurant but, hopefully, you will have fantastic food in congenial surroundings. We can agree the cost up front and having deducted the cost of the food I will donate the rest to charity.

Anyone interested – please get in touch!   (robin@enexus.co.uk)

And finally, a surprising, but very important realisation…..

You may recall that one of my goals for this adventure was to reflect on my life and to not only test myself but to determine what was really important in it. I am now much more comfortable with who & what I am and have much more self-confidence. As a direct consequence, my adventure has made a huge difference to my life.

So, it has all been most worthwhile and if I have placed a little seed in your minds to make you think about your own lives then that is a bonus.

Go on, take a step into the unknown, challenge yourselves. You never know it might just brighten everything up and even bring a smile to your face!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my meanderings and I hope that I have been able to provide a little insight to “The Race of My Life”.

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