Five days in and I’m in the Southern Ocean!

Mary is now well on your way to Oz by now if not already there but the difference is that she will be nice and hot whilst I am in the Southwater Ocean where the temperature is rather different and the waves are somewhat higher. Possible 3-4m swells last night (too dark to use a tape measure) which is a little interesting when coming across the beam!
Sorry for not sending a message sooner but have been trying to get into the team and used to living at 45 degrees – very interesting but after 4 days I really am getting used to it!
All is well here – loads of bumps and bruises but nothing serious. Crew in great spirits and gradually melding. Many of the sailing techniques still to be fully learned but have been helming lots both under a spinnaker, at night and in force 7-8 winds – absolutely brilliant and exhilarating. I’m currently holding the leg burst speed record at 19.8kts whilst the boat is averaging 10kts per hour and we appear to be making good progress in the middle of the pack. We get very little info re the overall positions and there is absolutely no Race Viewer addiction here! Too much going on to even think about it. Helming is a skill I will build on over the coming weeks and hope to get really good at.
Skipper and crew buzzing as we approach to Ocean Sprint stage – 50 miles away so will start it on my watch tonight. Really looking forward to it.
Much more to follow once I’ve got into the team and know what I’m doing. Hopefully that will give me a bit of spare time which is something I’ve definitely not had so far. Eat, sail, sleep has been about it. Oh, and dealing with getting soaked every watch! Nice!

5 thoughts on “Five days in and I’m in the Southern Ocean!

  1. Hi Robin – Sorry I haven’t been getting to you I’ve learned that I didn’t have the correct password – dumbo !! But I’ve been following your heroic events since Fremantle – Impressive to say the least – You are now a true ‘SeaDog’ what tales to tell the Grand Kids eh – I can see this morning that ‘Planners’ speed is far away from the Roaring Forties – I know it’s a race, but hey, you are where you really wanted to be – real sailing in the Premier League – ‘Top Guy’- In my opinion you’re up there with the best. I have just promoted you to Honoury Skipper to Freya-G my ( 14ft GP ) – She awaits you at your leisure ! Stay safe and enjoy – Mikal


  2. Robin and crew, This is day five and what a wild neck n neck exciting ride you are all having throughout the fleet, you are keeping us up late and glued to the tracker screen which by the way I have now angles to 35 degrees.
    Sailing one design 70 foot racing machines in the southern ocean , you can all strike it of your bucket list. Well done you all.
    Stay away from the High pressures.
    Morris Barnett. [L.North.]


  3. Dear Robin,
    What an experience you are having… sailing a Pico on Bewl Water would be my outside limit of danger…. you are at the other end of the scale!
    Stay safe and be happy!

    Sally x


  4. Robin
    Good to hear from you and am glad you are safe. I can tell you are loving this — wet, cold and all the rest. Be safe and and stay focused. That’s the main thing. Can you take photos at all? I’m sure it’s impossible most of the time.

    Great to hear the crew is coming together. Enjoy every minute.

    Big hugs

    Richard and Joanna


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