Sydney Here I Come!

Today I took off my wedding ring.

I have spoken in the past about the dangers of blue water sailing and there are many  things you have to do look after your own personal safety – so I took off my wedding ring! I have had reports of ropes becoming wrapped around hands and fingers and in an high wind situation the ropes have been whipped away taking the ring with it and stripping the skin of the finger at the same time! Little things make all the difference

We have 8 new “leggers” getting on the boat for leg 4 and this gives the remaining 8 Round the Worlders a real challenge to build us into a great sailing team. So far they are doing a great job and although I seemed to have forgottten quite a bit since the last training session in July we do seem to have a happy and fun team. I suspect it will take 3 or 4 days for us “newbies” to stop making silly mistakes and start to become useful

Enroute to Sydney we have to go south of Tasmania where great care has to be taken to avoid the icebergs! Unfortunately the whale migration season has ended so we will not see them swimming by, but at least that means they will not be too much of a danger to the boats!

Many thanks for viewing the site and I hope you are finding it informative.

My thanks also go out to all those kind people that have donated to my charity – fantastic support!

More to come on the way if I can stay awake when off “watch”!


7 thoughts on “Sydney Here I Come!

  1. Only hours left before the gun goes off, go have fun out there Robin. You are not alone, we are all eagerly watching.


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