A Somber Day

This was sunset over Fremantle Yacht Club yesterday as we await the arrival of Great Britain. We understand they will be crossing the line around late afternoon today (Saturday) or around early morning UK time. I think there will be a lot of people there to cheer them home.  It will be an emotional homecoming and I understand there will be a memorial service for Simon on Monday.

”………. with the going down of the sun……”

HotelPlanner is due in some 20 hours later and the oncoming crew will be there to meet them. A request for “coffee, toast, scrambled eggs and cheese” has been received from Otto and Han (staying in our crew Airbnb house) for their first meal ashore!  We are all so proud of our crew – they have caught up some 300 miles which is extraordinary – and we will not be last!!!!  (We lost the 300 miles when we turned back to Port Elizabeth to drop off injured crew mates).

Now the hard work starts, deep clean on Monday, boat maintenance for the rest of the week and our refresher sailing day on Thursday.

Hope everyone is well back at home – I am doing my best to pile on the calories (beer and prawns) whilst watching the Ashes!  This will not last long!

”.…… the lull before the storm….”

4 thoughts on “A Somber Day

  1. So good to know you are about to ‘get the show on the water’ Robin. Suggest you add Champagne to the breakfast! Good luck and may the winds be with you!
    Keith and Jacqui


  2. Hi Robin, and don’t forget the black pudding!!! Don’t they do a full English?
    So pleased to see Hotel Planner “caught up” somewhat.
    All the best for Thursday – We shall be cheering you on and singing “we are sailing”!!!
    Lol Terry ‘n Mags


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