Now I know it is getting serious!

A full head of hair passed me by many moons ago but I looked like the mad doctor in “Back to the Future” at the end of my level 4 training so it has had to come off!

My hairdresser has been dying to do this for months ever since I told him what I was planning to do!   “Grade 3 all over sir?”   Didn’t take him long though as he did it with a slightly sadistic grin on his face!

“4 more sleeps” my grandson said to me this morning, “and then you are going on holiday!”   Emm.

I have been meaning to do a ‘trial pack’ for weeks and finally got round to it this morning – it ended up being the real thing as I just could not bear to unpack it all again – next stop, Fremantle!   We are allowed 20kg of personal stuff, I think I will top out at about 17kg and still think I am probably taking too much!   Where will I store it all?  Will I remember which dry bag I have put it in?  Do I actually need 2 pairs of underpants? Did I pack the ‘yachty botty’ cream? Have I downloaded my Audible books or are they still stuck up in the soon to be inaccessible ‘cloud’?  Should I have taken a tie?

Never mind, Mary is coming out to Hobart and I can get her to bring the smoking jacket later!

Thank you to everyone that has kindly made their donation to Rwanda Aid – greatly appreciated!

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Thanks for all your support – it has been very important to me.

Forget Back to the Future – “Here’s to adventure!”,   Mad Robin.

One thought on “Now I know it is getting serious!

  1. Hope travel is going well – time to think – sleep – dream- wake – think – eat – drink – throw out your butterflies – repeat – Aussyland – warm – sunshine – relax – enjoy – this is your time – Mikal


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