They haven’t forgotten the crew yet to join the boat….!

I received an eMail from our Team Coordinator today giving the crew members still waiting to join later legs an update on what to expect – thought you might like to read it!

Hi guys,

Here we are ready to set off on another leg.  Both leg 1 and leg 2 were very different in many ways and their stopovers. 

Leg 1 was great fun with lots of snack breaks and Sun block, Leg 2 was fun but wet and cold! Sea sickness hit most of us at some point so please be aware of your own needs and prevention is better than cure! 

A few things about life onboard:

We allocate bunks according to certain needs e.g. keeping the engineer near the engine etc and depending on crew numbers there are a few pairs sharing. We have tried to use the forward bunks as a bunk for the mothers as their sleeping schedule is different. However quite a few crew find them uncomfortable, noisy and one had a leak above it. So we have decided to use them for storage and people work out free bunks between them.

Stowage: we have moved food storage around in both legs too. Space for personal gear is restricted so ensure you have packed smartly. People in outside bunks found that condensation gathered in the outside cubbies so you may want to put dry bags there in a plastic bag. 

We have created a small folder in the nav station with a few reminder sheets on engine checks, heads cleaning steps etc. 

Gear doesn’t really dry out in the wet lockers, so close all zips when hanging gear otherwise drips from other people’s gear gets inside. 

A few things about stopovers:

We are getting better at ticking off the jobs list at the start of stopover but often have a few bits at the end, so we could still do better. We try to have meetings and briefs at the end to prepare ourselves for the upcoming leg. New crew are always enthusiastic to help which is great, but be prepared for being handed a bucket and cleaner! 

In cape town here Clipper have changed our stopover schedule 3 times and are quite different, so be prepared in stopover to have your free time disrupted/changed. 

We are only given 1 paper copy of the schedule on board so I recommend people take photos of it so they are aware themselves of the plan.

Getting enough crew for corporate events can be difficult so all volunteering greatly appreciated. 

In port we try to organise 2 dinners as a team, 1 in the first few evenings to celebrate arrival (and hopefully completing deep clean) and the other the evening of new crew registration). 

Most people are happy to arrange their own accommodation in port, depending on whether they have family and friends, budget, apartment or hotel, air bnb or hotel etc. But if anyone is willing to look up a few options for Sydney, airlie beach and stops beyond that would be great. Some stay on board the first night or two as it is hard to give definite arrival dates, then usually 2 or 3 stay on for most. It’s alright to stay off until departure morning once possessions are stowed day before. Obviously bunks are limited so do let me know your intentions closer to the time.

That’s all for now, I’m sure others will update or add to this info and I hope it helps!

Now let’s go do this leg 3! 

One thought on “They haven’t forgotten the crew yet to join the boat….!

  1. Hi Rob – Just risen to check the daily position of the fleet and see HT is steadily pulling back the miles – been reading your crews blogs – heartening to hear the winds/rain have returned not only to improve positions but just as important – to give you relief from the heat – god you needed that – we hope you are keeping your body and mind in good condition – dig deep you’re well on the way to cooler climes – we wish we could send some of our weather which up to now has been cold but beautiful clear sunny days – tomorrow forecast snow – we’re taking Han,Freya,Charlie to West Wittering today for fun,frolics and picnic on the Beach – but definately won’t be swimming – Luke on his last leg in the US on his business tour of various states – but is stuck in snow at Chicago Airport waiting to come home to Blighty – ‘Sail on oh sailor boy’ and gorge your experiences – what memories to dream of on your return – We’re with you all the way Stella and Mike x


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