Greening’s hits the rocks

How on earth did this happen?

As the winner of both legs 1 and 2 was leaving Cape Town Greenings ran aground on the coast of South Africa.  Fortunately, all the crew are safe and well and back in Cape Town.

Clipper today issued the following update….

“Following careful analysis of the situation and state of the Clipper Race Yacht CV24 the Clipper Race office has confirmed that the vessel is partially underwater after running aground on the western side of the Cape Peninsula, South Africa, and will take no further part in the Clipper 2017-18 Race.” 

It is understood a loss adjuster will review the situation and determine if the boat can be salvaged or scrapped.

As yet it is not known if the crew will be able to participate in future legs of the race. Perhaps use a Clipper 68 already in Sydney?  Or join other boats?

My thoughts are with the whole Clipper family.

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