Thoughts of a Supporter

I thought you might like to read an eMail sent to Mary from the wife of another crew member.  The role of those left behind – the Supporters – is essential to the race.  The crew will be exposed to many new experiences that will test them to the extreme.  The ultimate weather and sea conditions, sleep deprivation, restrictive living conditions, homesickness are but a few of the issues.

I leave you to make up your own mind….

“Just at Joburg airport on my way home. It’s been a great trip and I loved catching up with everyone again and of course seeing *****. He’s really enjoying it but says it’s very tough. He’s lost a lot of weight and slept a lot when they got in, and it took about a week for him to catch up on his sleep.  He and the other guys that were staying with us sure did eat a lot when I cooked for them at night. 

The crew are going thru the ‘forming norming storming’ process as most crews are and each boat has their challenges to work through. 

This departure was easier for me, but yes, there were tears behind my sunglasses. I worry about the sailing conditions but I know that’s pointless. 

I imagine you will feel lots of emotions, speaking from experience! And from talking to a few other supporters who were in CT our husbands/wives, while happy to see us, it does take quite a few days for us to reconnect. And that was a common comment. So that’s hard to deal with and lots of patience is required. It’s all-consuming for them and I think it takes them quite a few days to process everything when they do get into port. 

Yes, I am heading back to Fremantle which was not in my original plan. But I think being there, and helping, is important and ***** seems to look for it so I will head back in 21 days time. So that’s not long, then home then Sydney. So it’s pretty busy from here on for few months. 

Enjoy the next few weeks with Robin, though you may see him start to “disappear” on you as it all gets closer. Take care and see you in oz!”

(Thank you for letting me use this – you know who you are.  Names removed to protect the innocent!)

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