Getting used to WordPress!

Having decided to link my little adventure to raising money for Rwanda Aid, I suddenly realised that I had to be able to keep my devoted followers up to date with all the trials and tribulations that were about to beset me!

Now, it is some 20 years since I did any computer programming and I was a bit rusty! OK, I had kept my hand in with quite a bit of the current technology but I had never written a website and ‘blogging’ was a complete mystery!

Not to be beaten, I did a bit of research, thank you Google, and soon arrived at the conclusion that WordPress is the world’s defacto standard for publishing our words of wisdom and got stuck in.

This site is the result of my endeavours and I am sure there are a few weaknesses so, if you can spot anything that can be improved then please let me know – do use the Contact feature in the main menu.

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