So, where do you start?

We are a funny bunch really aren’t we!  Having taken the decision to ‘do’ the race one’s mind jumps into action and everything needs to be researched, sorted out and thoroughly understood NOW!

We bore our friends with tales of things to come, random facts and really all we are trying to do is convince ourselves we have taken the right decision!

Nerves are kicking in!

Given the 2017/18 race will be the 10th edition it is hardly surprising that there is a raft, (please excuse the pun!), of knowledge and information out there – and Google becomes, yet again, our greatest friend!

I spend hours searching the internet finding all sorts of fascinating sites helping me to understand what I have let myself in for!   Lack of sleep, living life constantly soaked through, the joys of trying to go to the loo at 45°, seasickness – the list goes on, and on, and on!

No problem I assure myself…….. and my friends!

It is all well and good gathering all this information but it’s time to actually move on from the theory stage and onto actually doing something!

Time to make a list!

But what is this?  A tome from Clipper has arrived.   It’s the Contract!  The lists are put on hold as I plough through the pages and pages of information and low and behold, they provide me with a ready-made checklist which, in summary, fall into the following groupings:-

  • Training
  • Clothing
  • Travel
  • Insurance
  • Fitness
  • Costs

Moreover, they even provide “the crew hub”, a purpose-built website restricted to crew members who have signed their life away – well paid their deposit!  This brings together all the salient points relating to the above and adds loads of articles from previous races to boot!  Shame it is such a pain to use, but once you get used to it, it does become rather a focus point in your life!

I have made a start!

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