So, what are the costs?

I know, it is vulgar to talk about money and when it boils down to it, money is really irrelevant when taking on a challenge of a lifetime. Well, maybe!

So let’s talk in overview terms because anyone considering joining in the future should have a feel for what they are letting themselves in for.

Where does the money go?

  • The Clipper Training
  • A Charge per Leg
  • Insurance
  • Travel to/from training and the race
  • Equipment and clothes
  • In-port living expenses between legs and whilst training

For absolute figures, the Clipper website details the specific cost of training and each leg. For interest, I suspect Equipment and Clothes will workout around the same cost of a leg and Travel, Insurance & Living Expenses the same again.

Don’t forget, as 50% of crew live abroad there are only 2 places training is carried out, the UK and Australia, and the latter only hosts levels 1 & 2 with levels 3 & 4 only being done in the UK – there is a significant travel cost here.

So you had better have a very supportive partner or parents!

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