The start of my journey

I got into trouble with the wife!

You see, I have a real urge not to grow old gracefully and life had begun to get rather routine and ‘the itch’ had started!  Then one day at Quins, a rugby mate mentioned that his wife had signed for a couple of the legs of Robin Knox-Johnston’s “Round the world Clipper” race – my ears pricked up!

One long ear-bending session later, and not much of the game watched, I was hooked and determined to find out more.  But time was short as the good lady and I were about to depart on a rather larger boat to Barbados so I made a hurried phone call to their Gosport office and was invited down for a presentation and an interview.

“Interview” might be too grand a word – really they wanted to find out whether I was a complete social prat and likely to disrupt the smooth workings of the crew and, more relevantly, whether I had the money to pay for it!   Nothing changes!

I have to admit that David Cusworth, the Crew Recruitment Director, did his best to scare us all and certainly did not hold back on the downside of the enterprise. If we all went into the meeting with rose-tinted spectacles we came out under no illusion of the associated risks and implications!

So, why was I in trouble with the wife?  Well, I had neglected to tell her anything about the idea and she was, to say the least, rather unimpressed with the whole concept!

Nevertheless, much grovelling and earning of brownie points later, I duly signed up for legs 4 & 5 of the 2017/18 Clipper Round The World Clipper Race.

……and so it began!

Have you got ‘the itch’?


One thought on “The start of my journey

  1. Many Congrats Rob- for arriving safely into Hobart -that’s another one to tick off the list- Thinking of you- we raise another glass of Christmas Cheer to dear friend – Mikal


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